Sunday, 10 June 2012

How I Roll: vol I

My first fair!

To celebrate Jubilee weekend here in Blighty my village hosted a fair on the cricket pitch!

There was a bouncy castle, some falconry, a barbeque and lot's of stalls from local people selling arty things and the loveliest cakes from my local cafe Pickled Cherry! I was lucky enough to be next to Pickled Cherry and they didn't half tempt me all day! The day was finished off with a cricket match between Burnopfield CC and their local rivals Lintz CC.

So I spent a couple of weeks madly preparing a stash of prints and cards to sell and display on my very own table at the fair.

I made a stack of cards depicting local scenes and a stack of the smaller mounted prints. Most of the images I chose were of the woods around Burnopfield, the same woods I looked at as I sold my wares.

I met some lovely people and had a lovely day, despite the slightly rainy and windy weather at times!

So here's a little selection of photo's from the day!

 My backstage area! From left to right, My Shopkeeper money pouch, my brown bags, my lucky mascot; Clay Matthews (bought back from th US by my dutiful mother!), my takings, fruit polo's! (I need these to love!), my little order book!

Here's my patch on the day! Next to some other artists and a cake stand! Far too tempting!

The wonderful print box my Jon made me the day before! And the mini-prints I sell which are good to mix and match on the wall!

Cards! So many cards! These are all handmade and look quite pretty!

A close up of the print box! A couple of my favourite prints in the front of it!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Paper Piecing

I've always had trouble with trying work out Paper Piecing in my head. I've read a lot of descriptions on how to do it and different tips on it but it's never really clicked in my head. So I did the next logical thing and went on youtube!

I found this video, and watching someone else do it really made it click in my mind! I'm now ready to undertake a new quilt, with lots of Paper Piecing! Hint: It will involve woodland animals! 

The Video Itself!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Things I love at the moment

So, I've been a bit busy at the moment preparing for a fiar in the village where I'll be selling my photography. In the meantime here's a little list of things I've been loving!